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This is a nice size for gifting as the box is substantial but not huge (looks like it might be close to a boot box size). The best thing is the good sized bathtub and accessories. The model # by Mattel is GJN32 for interested collectors. There are five packets of "fizzy bath" with a warning that they may stain carpet, clothing, fabric, etc. Box also says "Doll cannot stand alone" which may or not be true- your have to debox and remove plastic fasteners to test this. As shown, she sits on the ledge of the bath and it's hard to see the feet. Other accessories include soap, brush, sponge, shampoo and conditioner, towel, polka dot wrap on doll bottom, puppy dog, pink over tub tray, panda plant, and two bath case goods (one is a dual shelf, the other is the faucet base with green planter built in). The box received was not pristine unfortunately - there were 4-5 corner rubs, dents, plastic slide marks, etc. Well enough to gift as the Doll inside is mint NRFB, but certainly not pristine. The box did NOT appear to be previously opened, but there was also NO wrapping whatsoever, just sliding around the box and with other items if you select economy shipping. I would have been very upset if this was a different doll, that's for sure, especially if it was any higher price point. The quality would be comparable to getting one off the shelf at a RETAILER in terms of box condition. USE BY DATE for the packets is 01/01/2022. Box is labelled not for children under 3, BUT this would be better suited for an older girl, especially with the smaller parts and fizzy packets. This doll and play set is a good buy overall- definitely worth spending the $5 or so more to get this over just the doll as it's almost twice the size and seems more substantial (and impressive if gifting). Keep in mind the spa dolls don't typically have outfits other than the towel or body wraps that are on them- only the workout GRL PWR exercise doll has clothing pieces that look like typical outfits. This shouldn't be an issue, but you can always buy a separate outfit if desired. Some wellness dolls are fully articulated, but this one is NOT at the arms, meaning the elbows and wrists do not bend. This can sometimes be a positive feature if wanting to keep long-term as children and storage or excessive use can snap fragile hands. Aside from needing to monitor the pack use of fizzy bath contents, this is definitely a good addition to your child's play items or your own collection. Welcome is the day when ALL Barbie dolls are treated as the collector items they are, will be, or should be. If the packaging treatment was better by ALL retailers, from manufacturer to home, buyers could feel better about gifting them and/or collecting. This would ensure many more future orders, so not sure why it's not being done Great value item.

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