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A great value, these Silver Secrets Plastic Silverware are distinguished for what is there. They have a good heft that says "quality," are sculpted front & back with the detailing of sterling patterns, and can be re-used several times. I put these out for two fancy receptions & they looked elegant on the lace tablecloth, appropriate at the beach picnic, and were heavy enough not to blow away at the first breeze.The tines are long, capable of dealing with much of what I put out, from macaroni & cheese to the cheese & fruit platter to the thin steak slices and hot dogs for the kids. The shank is long about the same size as a regular luncheon fork, sized for adults. True,a little mindfulness is needed in menu-planning: these won't open raw oysters or easily prong a 4' thick sirloin.They are also distinguished for what is missing, absent, not there, nada. They did not break, they did not split, they did not bend when used with a knife. They took a licking and kept on ticking, forkwise. They did not peel when used or peel when washed, as I have had some lower quality "silver" do. No oops embarrassments when a guest comes up with a mouthful of silver colored peelings! No running out because of having to replace mal-functioning forks. Nothing about which to complain or be anxious.So: 100% happy customer here and I already have re-ordered. What a find! At about 8 to 10 cents a fork, these are functional and fancy, and if reused a few times, not too expensive. Thanks here to another Amazon reviewer of another product who steered me to these 125 forks silver secrets