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I bought one of these for that bathroom that my two sons share (they are 7). They use sonicare toothbrushes and it works great for them. It was so nice, I got one for my wife and my bathroom as well.It is very easy to attach a tube, you just push it down and give it a couple of twists. The toothpaste dispenses on the brush pretty well. Once in a while some falls of the brush and ends up on the dispenser, but not too often. It's very easy to clean when that happens. Usually I can just wipe it off with a finger, but if it needs a more thorough clean, the entire front panel snaps off easily and the part you push with your toothbrush also comes out very easily, just a little squeeze and it detaches. Those are really the only two parts that could conceivably get toothpaste on them.I didn't use the included mounting tape because it seems like if I ever needed to remove it in the future it would take a good chunk of the drywall with it. I used 3M's Command hanging strips. They are sort of like velcro but more secure. You can take the entire thing off the wall and stick it back up if you want and then if you decide you don't want it anymore, the strips are able to be removed off the wall with no damage whatsoever. I use them for hanging artwork in my house as well. I've removed strips that have been up for years and as long as you do it properly, they come off clean.So the toothpaste dispenser is really really great, especially for the price. Only complaint is that they put the stupid logo right on the front, making it look cheap. Would be nice to have a clean front, or maybe to have options for higher end finishes, like brushed nickel or wood grain or something.