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LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This ginseng tea is basically the extract powder mixed with glucose, its slightly sweet and has a lot of benefits.The only downfall of this drink is its taste (That's why it got 4* in the "taste" rating line). It does takes time getting used to, but it grows on you because of the fact its very good for you!Taking it for over 12 years without missing a single morning in my cup of tea.I found the best way to get used to it's taste is to add it to your favorite drink or morning drink of choice, be it hot or ice tea or coffee, smoothie, soup for that matter... (yes, it does dissolve in ice-cold water), in which case it won't even be noticeable like a separate overpowering taste... but on it's own it resembles the taste of raw beets, if you ever had them... - slightly earthy.Now after all these years I actually miss it in my drink if my hubby forgets to put it (he started using it as well for the last few months and says he can feel the difference), so I go and fix it, because I can feel it's not there, but I am such a believer in this little root, because of my heritage and where it grows. This particular kind of ginseng actually grows in my native city, but it's forbidden to harvest as it's considered as one of the indangered species.For me the major benefits of this drink are:Energy- my hubby says if he doesn't take it first thing in a morning, he can feel he is not getting on the same energy level as with it.Weightloss (even though I am skin and bones, it helps me to stay in shape - it increases the speed of you metabolism, so you digest your calories faster and it helps to push out all extra out of your system.It's good for a lot of things and you can read the "benefits and side effects (which it doesn't have, unless you have heart problems)" and makes your day brighter and happier!I sm sticking with this one for the lifetime. That's the thing- if you started it, do not stop, unless you are allergic or it causes something in your body which you don't wish for.... this is the only one ginseng in the whole list of species which doesn't have any major side effects and is mild. If you want something stronger, you need to go to an Asian store and ask for something else.And price is right!

Okay, Id just like to say, this is Red Ginseng. The people that are complaining about the taste obviously didnt know what PURE Red Ginseng tasted like before purchasing. This isnt going to taste the best and no one should expect it to. That being said, this is rather easy to get out if you knead it in your hand for a second to warm it up before taking it or adding it to a warm drink. Additionally, there isnt that much in the packaging so its not as if you have to suffer through multiple mouthfuls. Just rinse your mouth out with water after and chew gum or brush your teeth.I just got it, so I cant comment on how well it works but I will update if I notice a difference. I gave 5 stars for now because I have high expectations and I will subtract stars once I can judge it fairly after a few weeks.EDIT:So Ive had this for a while now, and I have to say I like it a lot. I definitely can tell a difference in how much energy I have when I take it compared to when I dont take it. The last few days I stopped taking it to see if Id feel any different and Ive been feeling the same tired sluggishness that I felt before I started this. I have also been sleeping a lot better with this. Does it taste bad Definitely, but its not something I expect to taste good. The taste doesnt much matter to me, what matters is whether it works or not, and so far it has worked a lot better than I expected. It only has 7mg of Ginsenoside compared to the more expensive version that has 11mg, but I can easily work around that. I usually take one full tube and then split a second one with my roommate which would be equivalent to how much is in the version thats over a hundred dollars. (I didnt do the math, so I dont know whether this is still cheaper than the more expensive version if you take another extra half a tube a day, but I mostly did it just to test it.) Even without the other half a tube it still works well, it just seems to last a bit longer if I take another half.

I have been taking ginseng for years off and on. From powder pills and tablets of dubious quality and content to liquid extractions with water or alcohol used to make their products. Now on a health trek for letting myself go down hill for so long. I was looking for healthy things for my nafld'd liver and kept finding articles on ginseng that support a healthier liver and lifestyle. I bought 3 jars of this other top end ginseng extract brand, but when I went to their website, I found out they used 4-5 year old ginseng root, but in a round about way on their advertisement, they say 6 year old ginseng root is the best. Not that they uses it At these prices, I need a clear and fact filled statement. CKJ says in their ads and on their website and on their product, WE USE 6 YEAR OLD GINSENG ROOT. PERIOD! I'm upset I got scammed out of 65-75 dollars for 3 jars of dubious quality product. I did further research and found this brand, CKJ on the internet, read reviews, etc. I kept looking for the best and it kept coming up;CKJ. Most trusted brand in Korea and Asia and Europe and the US,etc. Buying the 240 gram jar gets it in the same price range as the slightly inferior product. Both of these products are so far ahead of all the other products I've bought, it's like they are in two different classes and they are. It's just that CKJ is Superior and if you can buy the bigger jar of CKJ, it's comparably priced with the other product, it will last a long time. I drink this morning and night for health benefits. It's thick as tar, not runny and diluted, hard to get a exact measurement, don't really care, dissolves in my organic cacao, organic whole milk, spring water, mixes with molasses. What's not to like. I go to sleep better, wake up better, can't wait for my breakfast drink! Or my evening drink! LETS GO!

This organic ginseng root (Panax ginseng) extract is of excellent quality! The powder is very fine and bitter, which speaks to its potency. I encapsulate it in herbal supplements to improve energy, mood, mental clarity, focus, immunity and overall health and wellness. Consistency is vital when taking this type of adaptogenic stress-relieving herb. It can build up in your system over time and really help you heal and reduce stress in the long term. This ginseng doesn't give you the type of jittery energy you get from something like caffeine (which is overused and hurtful to the nervous system when taken often). It gives you a steady, sustained energy, alertness and balanced sense of wellbeing that keeps you going throughout the day without affecting your ability to sleep at night.Ginseng has been revered and used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, and for good reason. Definitely consider taking ginseng if you feel sluggish, stressed, tired, slow, old, fatigued, lack energy, motivation and vitality, are having fertility or libido issues, or suffer from immune deficiency. It can be incredibly helpful for those struggling with debilitating chronic illness. Being a chronic pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome warrior, ginseng has been instrumental in giving me back my functionality and strength.Ginseng protects the liver from toxins, may balance blood sugar in diabetes, corrects erectile dysfunction, improves the function of sexual organs in men and women, and helps improve depression and anxiety. It has many other health benefits, but overall, it's a very welcome addition to whatever anti-aging health regimen you're currently on. Although there are some less expensive herbs you can take for similar stimulating effects, like codonopsis or eleuthero (both great energetic adaptogen herbs), ginseng is kind of in a league of its own, and I believe this organic extract powder is awesome! I highly recommend it!