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The TOPGREENER USB Outlet with Type C USB Wall Charger has effortlessly elevated my charging experience, bringing a perfect blend of modern convenience and practicality to my home. This innovative outlet has become a game-changer, and here's why it deserves a positive review.The integration of both traditional power outlets and USB charging ports in a single device is a stroke of genius. The TOPGREENER USB Outlet allows me to charge my devices directly from the wall without the need for bulky adapters. The inclusion of the Type C USB port adds versatility, accommodating the latest devices that utilize this fast-charging standard.Installation was a breeze, even for someone with limited electrical expertise. The straightforward replacement of my existing outlets with the TOPGREENER USB Outlet took just a few minutes. The clear instructions provided made the process hassle-free, and the standard wall plate fit seamlessly with my existing décor.The USB charging ports deliver efficient and speedy charging. The Type C port supports fast charging for compatible devices, providing a quick and reliable power boost. The standard USB ports offer versatility, allowing me to charge a variety of devices simultaneously without sacrificing charging speed.The smart design of the TOPGREENER outlet includes tamper-resistant receptacles, adding an extra layer of safety, especially for households with children. The USB ports are conveniently located on the side, leaving the main power outlets free for traditional plug use. This layout ensures that the outlet remains versatile and functional for various electronic devices.The overall build quality is impressive. The TOPGREENER USB Outlet feels sturdy and durable, assuring me of its longevity and reliability. The smooth operation of the power outlets and the secure fit of plugs contribute to the overall user satisfaction.The modern aesthetic of the outlet adds a touch of sophistication to my home. The sleek design and unobtrusive appearance blend seamlessly with the surroundings, proving that functionality can coexist with style.In conclusion, the TOPGREENER USB Outlet with Type C USB Wall Charger is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to modernize their charging stations at home. With easy installation, efficient charging, safety features, durability, and a sleek design, this outlet has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the TOPGREENER USB Outlet to individuals seeking a practical and stylish solution for their charging needs.

In short I agree with NealOh. I personally do NOT like having to wrap the wires around the screw terminals. I much prefer having the slots in the back of the outlet for two reasons. One is that its easier to secure. The 2nd reason is that there is no bare wire exposed on the side of the outlet that could potentially come into contact with another wire (example the bare grounding wire, or a metal box, etc. I feel that this connection is more secure and I would venture to say that it is more secure to boot.I also agree with NealOh, that if you arent sure what you are doing, ask for help. Its not impossible to wire up one of these wrong and then the GFCI wont provide the protection that it is intended to provide. I have actually done this myself before. You need to understand the difference between the Line and Load wire. Also if the GFCI is in the front of the circuit then any outlet downstream will be protected by this GFCI, but ONLY if the GFCI is the first outlet in the run. If you dont understand what that means then either ask someone or do what I did many years ago and get some self-help books on simple home wiring. Those types of books, along with my degree in electronics have made me an advanced amateur electrician. I wouldnt pretend to be as competent as a licensed electrician, but I do all the wiring jobs around my own house and Ive also helped people with wiring jobs.I priced GFCI outlets at a local big box home improvement store and the cheapest ones they had were still twice as expensive as this one was. I have only had it a few days so I cant speak to the quality of it, but so far so good.In short I would recommend and I would buy again.