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I recently decided to incorporate healthier grains into my diet and came across the 100% All Natural NON-GMO Minnesota Wild Rice. After consuming it for several weeks, I can confidently say that this 5lb bag of wild rice is a culinary gem.**Authenticity and Quality:** This Minnesota wild rice is a true representation of natural, unprocessed grains. The non-GMO promise adds an extra layer of reassurance about the quality and purity of the product. Each grain is long, unbroken, and has a beautiful natural variance in color, indicating minimal processing.**Flavor Profile:** The wild rice has a unique, nutty flavor that is more pronounced than traditional white or brown rice. It's earthy and rich, adding depth to any dish it's incorporated into. This robust flavor makes it a versatile ingredient suitable for a variety of recipes, from salads to pilafs.**Texture:** After cooking, the grains remain distinct and slightly chewy, providing a pleasing texture. It's a delightful change from the softness of white rice and adds an interesting element to meals.**Nutritional Value:** As a health-conscious consumer, I appreciate the nutritional benefits of this wild rice. It's high in fiber, protein, and essential minerals, making it a nutritious alternative to other grains. Its low-fat content also aligns with healthier eating habits.**Cooking Experience:** The rice cooks evenly and is relatively forgiving in terms of preparation. While it takes longer to cook than some other grains, the end result is worth the wait. I found that soaking it for an hour before cooking reduces the cooking time and enhances the texture.**Packaging and Quantity:** The 5lb bag is convenient and provides excellent value, especially for those who plan to use it regularly. The packaging is simple and functional, ensuring the rice stays fresh.**Versatility in Cooking:** This wild rice shines in a variety of dishes. It pairs wonderfully with both meat and vegetarian recipes, and can even be used in soups and stews.**Limitations:** The only minor drawback is the longer cooking time compared to other rice varieties, which might be a consideration for those with time constraints.**Conclusion:** The 100% All Natural NON-GMO Minnesota Wild Rice is an outstanding product for anyone looking to explore healthier and more flavorful grain options. Its rich flavor, nutritional benefits, and versatility in cooking make it a must-have in any kitchen. This wild rice is not just a side dish, but a star ingredient that can elevate the simplest meals to something truly special.

I've purchased this six-pack of Ben's Original Brown Rice multiple times now, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and taste of this product. Now, let me be honest with you I was a bit skeptical about packaged brown rice at first, as I usually prefer cooking rice from scratch. However, Ben's Original has proven me wrong and won me over with its convenience and flavor.First and foremost, the texture of this brown rice is fantastic. It cooks up perfectly fluffy and doesn't turn mushy, which is a common issue with some other brands. This allows me to create a variety of dishes, from stir-fries to rice bowls, with confidence that the rice will hold its shape and not become a sticky mess.What really sets Ben's Original apart is the taste. It has a nutty, earthy flavor that feels authentic and pairs wonderfully with a wide range of ingredients. It adds depth and richness to my meals, making them more satisfying and delicious. Plus, the aroma that fills my kitchen while cooking is just amazing.The convenience of having these pre-packaged portions cannot be overstated. It saves me time and effort in the kitchen, especially on busy weeknights when I want a quick and healthy side dish. The six-pack size is perfect for a family like mine, and the resealable bags keep the rice fresh for an extended period. One of the most significant advantages of Ben's Original Brown Rice is its health benefits in my opinion. It's a wholesome source of whole grains and is naturally gluten-free. Plus, it's low in fat and sodium, which aligns perfectly with my goal of eating healthier.Now another brand of rice that I recommend and love is Seeds of Change here.'s another option that I find very healthy, but still incredibly tasty.

My family and I LOVE this rice! I fix rice dishes frequently, and last year started switching to brown rice for many dishes as it's so much more healthy. I'd often add wild rice to recipes, especially when using white rice, to add texture. I decided to give this a try thinking I might use it occasionally for a change. I've ended up using it almost exclusively, it makes amazing pilafs, casseroles, etc, or is fantastic just fixed plain. I only use other rices now where this one can't really substitute, such as risotto or rice pudding. The flavor and texture are wonderful, and it's a very filling rice.I often make a super easy pilaf with this, just saute some finely chopped onion, add minced garlic and cook for a minute, then add the rice and use chicken stock instead of water, and a tiny pat of butter. Throw in a little salt, black pepper, sometimes a tiny bit of cayenne, a little thyme or whatever herbs strikes your fancy (rosemary, sage, herbs de province, italian herbs, saffron, poultry seasoning, or anything you think will compliment what you are serving it with). There's a thousand variations you could do. Serve as a side itself, or mix with roasted or sauteed veggies, or use it as a bed for say, roasted chicken or fish, or sliced steak, and you will impress your family or dinner guests, and it really is just as easy as cooking plain rice! I often prepare this rice in amounts to have leftovers for 2-3 more days, it warms up great and nobody will ever guess it's leftovers, in fact it usually tastes even better the next day. I sometimes cook a whole bag of this rice and freeze part of it to use later, or portioned and frozen in a microwavable container to zap for a quick, filling lunch or other meal. If it still has broth or water visibly bubbling when the cooking time is up (usually does for me), I let it cook a bit longer, and/or let it steam longer; it's much less fussy than white rice about how long it can cook, I've never had it turn out too soft or gummy, in fact the liquid seems to pick up some starch and has a creaminess to it, instead of being like overly wet white rice. I was very surprised by the creamy quality of the moisture the first time I fixed this.I go through this fast enough that I probably don't have to worry about it going rancid, as brown rice doesn't keep for very long, but I keep it in the freezer anyway. I highly recommend keeping this, or any brown or wild type rices, frozen or at least refrigerated if you won't be using them pretty quickly. This rice is in a much more sturdy plastic bag that seems airtight until opened, vs. typical grocery store thin bags of rice, which would likely help with shelf life, but I haven't found an expiration date on any of my bags (I may very well be overlooking it), so I put it in the freezer as soon as I get it. The velcro seal on the bags is a nice addition; I once knocked over a bag of brown rice that I'd closed with a clip, the clip popped off and I had rice all over the freezer.I really can't give enough recommendation to try this rice. It's excellent quality rice, a very healthy mix, and tastes fantastic.