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This is the most comfortable dress I own and I really like how it contours enough to my natural body shape to show off the slight curves in my petite/underweight form. The style is on par to that notorious overall dress I saw in a hntai manga, and well I thought her outfit was just too cute that I wanted to emulate it in real life as a result. I chose the lighter blue one, but in the future (when I can afford it) I'm coming back to buy up the dark blue and light pink one's since I really love my light blue one that much! The dress is high quality, and boy did it figuratively hurt to spend so much on it (I'm used to purchasing clothes at flea markets, thrift stores, or simply just wearing hand me downs from both sides of my extended family), but I will admit... that it did feel nice to wear new clothes and to own clothes that I purchased and picked out by myself without any input form anyone else. Although my facial features are quite androgynous this overall dress helped me get in touch with my more feminine side. This overall dress's fabric is thick enough that the white blouse I'm wearing underneath doesn't show through and there's no crumply outline either, it did have a slight smell out of the bag (chemical like) but after throwing it in the washer it dissipated quickly. I really recommend this dress for everyday wear, but the dark blue in particular... I feel that one can best be utilized for a specific cosplay outfit as long as its paired with the right wig/blouse/& some dark thigh high socks.