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Finally a shoe I can wear all day in the office!For the past 6 or 7 years, I've worn black Crocs flats. They're comfortable, don't scuff like leather, don't stain like fabric, and aren't affected at all by water if I scurry through the rain. But after 2 years of every day wear, I needed to replace them, only to find that they don't seem to be made anymore. Only 1 style on the crocs site, and the few styles available on Amazon are either priced too high or only available in maybe size 4 and size 9. So the hunt was on for a super-comfortable black flat, inexpensive, that would be suitable for my office job. I first order a pair of cheapies from Walmart, thinking they'd get me by until I could afford something better, but they were so terribly missized that they went straight in the trash. Then I bought a pair here from Amazon Warehouse that were okay, but my dog ate them the very next morning. So I headed back to Amazon Warehouse to check my options and found these for just $5 in like new condition!I have to admit that wearing normal (non-plastic) flats again feels a little odd. They're not quite as flexible, but they do fit very well and look really nice with my work outfits. At first, they rubbed on my heel a little (unlike the crocs which just stick to your feet and move with you), and sometimes my toes would feel a little pinched. But I figured I just needed to break them in, so I would wear them for an hour, switch to Crocs for an hour, and then back to these, over and over for about 3 days while at work. Then one day I realized I was still wearing them several hours later, completely comfortable, not even switching to my crocs at all -- and I was walking all over our business property to check things in different buildings.These shoes have cushiony support and are very comfortable to wear through the whole workday now, much more comfortable than the Naturalizer ones I tried, and the 6W fits me great. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, especially since I scored such a low price!

Ladies listen. I'm I. My mid 60 a grandma from the power flower child era, thought I'd put that in, I brought this in white thinking I'll give it a try, I'm a nurse just got home opened the package it's late its 1 am took my uniform off and placed this on my feet, oh my God let me say first I am a size 7 in flip flops and learned the hard way I am a 71/2 in shoes period, especially for nursing work, Amazon said we suggest an 8 for you , no women no ! I ordered a 7 and it's TRUE for fit ! Now no one can take my Amazon, I love my Amazon prime! My love, but I will say follow your instincts on shoe size, flip flops are different from long hour shoes with socks, , yep ,now let me say I put them and here I am writing at 1 am, they are true fit I brought size 7, they are so comfortable, amazing , they are relaxing to my feet, we are in spring and this brand will be to winter comes again, it's made on China but this is no joke this time, soft leather and the cork feels soft, the leather between your toes is soft, it does have arch function great!this is no joke women, you pay 200.00 and more on birkenstocks, and yet there are companies way cheaper with same product and maybe better, all I can tell you is try one, I am planning already to order another, for this company please make more colors and give me 1 free love ya guys lol , I also want to say they are soft, the leather is not stiff and the cork is not stiff , it's an amazing buy thank the makers and I thank Amazon: thank you guys!!!