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I bought this specifically for the FM radio functionality needed for drive-in movies. Absolutely fantastic for that purpose. The sound quality is full and clear for movies, and the battery life easily surpasses any double or triple feature film watching.A few things to note, as I see a few complaints in the reviews:1) The remote does not come with batteries. You need 2 AAA batteries for the remote to work, but it does work flawlessly.2) To turn off the lights, just double click the play/pause button on the unit in any mode. Or use the remote.3) To seek up and down on the available radio stations, long press the forward/back buttons. A short press will go to stations that are programmed in/saved using the autoseek feature (long press the play button). You can also go to a specific station using the remote... just dial in the numbers.4) For the drive-ins, I have the speaker playing in my car, so I don't have any need to go even beyond 8 on the volume. It's plenty loud enough at that volume for an immersive movie experience inside the car. Press the volume button to tune bass and treble. I just turn both up all the way and leave it there. Sounds GREAT for movies.6) You can use any USB-C charger to charge it up... I use the same cord as my cel phone. More importantly, use a wall adapter. If you use a standard USB port on your laptop/computer to charge it, there's not enough juice to charge it effectively when it's on playing. Plus I imagine it would take forever if you have the unit off while charging. So plug it in to a 2A wall adapter (comes with most android phones.)7) If you're wondering why I use this instead of my car speakers: One, my car shuts down the electronics automatically ever ten minutes if the engine isn't running. I don't keep my engine running at the drive-ins. Two, I can turn the car radio on again after resetting each time... but I don't want to risk running the car battery down in the event I'm hanging out at the drive-ins/tailgating for a double feature (or even single) film.