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These pjs are so comfy and well made! So well in fact, that I initially thought they accidentally sent me regular sweaters youd wear to work or out in public instead of pajama tops, thats how nice they are. These are definitely more in the realm of nice lounge wear then sleep wear in my opinionunless youre fancy and wear super nice stuff to bed I guess. I really cant emphasize enough just how soft these items are. Theyre not itchy or rough at all, so if youre like most ladies who lounge around by themselves without a bra on, you dont need to worry about your nipples chafing against rough material, that wont happen. I dont have anything negative to say about these pjs, but I do have a few cautions. 1. If youre wearing dark underwear with this particular pattern it will be noticeable, so keep that in mind if you have company over. 2. If you have ill fitting undergarments on, it will be noticeable. 3. The more you wash and dry these in a washer/dryer, the more they gradually shrink and the bottoms get a bit thinner. I probably should have looked at the care instructions to see the proper way to wash and dry them, so thats on me. I also seem to wear this particular pair (and wash/dry them) numerous times a week compared to the other two versions I have.Bottom line, these are great lounge wear pjs. Theyre extremely well made, comfortable, warm, and nice looking. So nice looking that you honestly could wear the tops as a fashion top as part of your wardrobe. I own two other pairs in different colors/patterns and plan on buying more.