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Surprisingly good for the price. The only thing missing is a headphone jack's a little power house and well drives my bookshelf speakers. It has presets and the Bluetooth connects easily and as expected. I'm going to mount this under a top cabinet in the kitchen. Don't expect much from the manual as it is written in very broken English but you can still figure it out. It also comes with a standard AC cord so you don't need to fuss with a DC wall wart. It comes with a small remote as well.You can't go wrong for the price. FYI - In the rating questionnaire it asks about "Sheerness". I have no idea how that applies here.P.S. - I have a few additional comments regarding this item after reading some of the other reviews.1. Quality - some folks have had issues after running the system. Since my review was written days after receiving it, I can't comment except to make sure you put it in a location where airflow to the unit is not blocked. So far, my unit is not getting hot.2. Sound quality - Folks, this unit costs $45 dollars. If you are and audiophile and into studio quality sound, then I think you are expecting a bit much for $45. I'm a music lover and it sounds plenty good enough for me. I've listened to YouTube music videos and some FM music stations and it sounds pretty good to me. It does go louder than I need and I get some decent full bass sounds from my bookshelf speakers. If you expect 130 db rap or pounding rock or the fine nuances and dynamic range of the 1812 Overature, then this unit might be for you.But aside from the long term potential quality issue, I'm quite pleased with the unit. If you are happy with the quality of music over your cell phone, this will do just fine and my wife is happy listening to Bocelli over this unit.So, since I've already belabored this issue, I'll repeat, for $45 you get a very small unit that sounds pretty darn good. Oh, and yeah, the controls seem a bit weird at first but since the unit is small, 20+ buttons simply won't fit on it so they've overload some of the buttons with more than one function which is not big deal after 10 minutes of acclimation. And then there's the remote. The first time I tried it didn't work either but just press the button a tiny bit firmer and it works fine.Lastly, if you plug this into cheapo speakers, it will sound crummy. Buy a $1000 receiver and plug it into a $99 dollar speakers, it'll sound lousy. So make sure your speakers match your sound expectations.The End