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I recently purchased the NELEUS Men's 3 Pack Dry Fit Running Shirt with Hoods in Grey Black, Slate Gray, and Light Grey for my daughter's boyfriend, who is an avid fitness enthusiast. These shirts have proven to be an absolute game-changer in his workout wardrobe, and the added bonus of an extended return or replacement window until January 31, 2024, adds to the overall satisfaction.The standout feature of these shirts is undoubtedly their dry-fit technology. Designed to wick away moisture, these shirts keep my daughter's boyfriend comfortably dry during even the most intense workouts. The lightweight and breathable fabric ensures optimal ventilation, making them ideal for various physical activities, from running to weightlifting.The inclusion of hoods adds a stylish and functional touch to these workout shirts. They provide an extra layer of warmth during cooler outdoor workouts, making these shirts versatile enough for year-round use. The thoughtful design also caters to those who prefer added coverage for their neck and head, making these shirts suitable for various weather conditions.My daughter's boyfriend loves the fit of these shirts. The US Small and EU Medium sizing was spot-on, offering a snug yet non-restrictive fit that complements his physique. The shirts provide the flexibility needed for a range of movements without riding up or causing discomforta crucial factor for anyone engaged in regular physical activities.The three-pack option is not only cost-effective but also ensures a variety of color choices. The Grey Black, Slate Gray, and Light Grey options provide a stylish rotation for different workout days. The versatility in color and design makes these shirts equally suitable for casual wear, making them a practical addition to any active lifestyle.The extended return or replacement window until January 31, 2024, is a noteworthy bonus. It reflects the brand's confidence in the product's durability and performance, offering peace of mind for customers. It's a customer-friendly policy that adds an extra layer of assurance when making a purchase.In conclusion, the NELEUS Men's 3 Pack Dry Fit Running Shirt with Hoods has become a staple in my daughter's boyfriend's workout routine. The combination of dry-fit technology, stylish design, and a comfortable fit makes these shirts a top pick for fitness enthusiasts. With the added benefit of an extended return or replacement window, these shirts not only meet but exceed expectations. Highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their workout apparel game.

I really, really like these shorts. Fit and feel great. For me, the waist rises higher than others I've tried. They stay up, which is critical. No concern about plumber's butt happening. Not sure how they measure the inseam but for me it is definitely longer than 8 inches, which is the published spec. They do stretch, but for me the net inseam length is closer to 12 inches - and I'm 6' 2". They come down to about an inch above my knee cap. But I'm ok with the longer inseam because I really like the fit and feel. One other thing: My first order consisted of one black, one dark blue, one gray. The black and blue are great. The gray one is definitely a different fabric and fit. Gray is marked same size as the others but is a much smaller and unacceptable fit, and the fabric has a cotton-ish feel. Thus, the gray one will be tossed out. I will definitely order more of these (and already have) but will not order combos that include gray.Update: My review above describes the #6065 shorts from Neleus. I also tried another set of Neleus shorts, the #6028, which for me did not fit as well as the 6065. I returned the 6028's. The specs for both indicate the inseam is 8" long, but the 6065 is clearly longer by at least 3 inches. The attached picture clearly illustrates this (the 6065 is blue, the 6028 is black.) As noted above, I'll live with the longer length of the 6065 because it fits me so very well in all other aspects. I remain a bit puzzled by another review that indicated low-rise and the resultant plumber's crack problem. I've tried many different makes/models of compression shorts (and leggings) and have found the 6065 to have the highest rise of any/all of them. I guess your milage may vary.Lastly, I'd like the 6065's even more if I could somehow buy only the colors I want and like. Per above, the gray ones are completely unacceptable and I don't care for the red ones. Neleus offers a 3-pack of black which is fine, but I wish they would do likewise for all the other individual colors - i.e. 3 blue, 3 white, 3 dark blue, etc. As it is now, in order to get one white pair I'm forced into buying two other pairs of a different color(s.) That's totally lame! I don't like having to pay for colors that I don't like in order to get a color that I do like. To be fair, Neleus isn't the only vendor that does this. Most of them do similar color combinations. Again, lame. I should deduct a ratings star from any vendor that does this, but haven't.