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Ok,When I first ordered this device holder I wasn't quite sure what to expect. What I received more than met my expectations however. First off, the quality. Yes, it is plastic but it's not a cheap, brittle plastic by any means. More like a polymer used or a handgun. It is very strong and rock solid. Now, I ordered this over a year ago and I'm just now doing my review because I wanted to see how well the device would hold up over time. Mainly to see if the rotation points would wear out or if the connection points and screws would become loose and not able to be tightened all the way (like I've had happen with other brands) which then leaves a device that just flops downward and you that you can't view well. So now, after over a years time of use, I an say emphatically that this little mount is still working perfectly just like the day I received it. On top of that, my daughter liked it so much she recently took it back to college to use on her weekly radio show that she hosts and I can report back from her that it's working just as well for her as it did for me and in that environment, that's saying something. Ok, there are only 2 things to be aware of and they're not anything bad in my opinion. The first one is device size. I can't speak for Android devices since I don't use them but I can say that, when used with my iphone 9, X, and now 11Pro, they all fit perfectly and were clamped in soundly. However, I have used it with my iPad 6th gen and to do so I had to remove the ipad's protective case. It was just a bit too large with it on to fit snugly. With it off, it would clamp in just like my iPhone however, I'm not one to use my iPad without a case so I generally opted to only use my iPhone in the mount. So that's one. The other thing to be aware of is the size of mic pole it will clamp on to. It will NOT fit on the larger 22.5mm-23mm poles. It is made for the smaller extension poles that are around 15mm in size. So make sure that you have a pole of that size available to clamp the mount onto and you'll be good to go. I unfortunately didn't get any pics just before my daughter took it with her however I have attached a one from when I first got it and what I'm holding is a little foam rubber pad that you can add inside of the mount where it grabs the mic pole so as not to scratch the finish. Then there's also a pic from a few months back after being used regularly. Hard to tell from the photo but, it's in the exact same condition as the day I got it, perfect. Bottom line, if you need a solid mount to clamp an iPhone or Android device onto a mic stand or similar sized pole, this is the one to get!!!