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Mom was just diagnosed with early early breast cancer (at 83 her annual mammogram, a sharp diligent radiologist, not to mention surgeon and staff at Baylor, and some blessings/prayers from those around her) and we were hastily trying to make decisions quickly about the various options and how best to tackle it quickly with as little impact on her overall health. Prepping for her surgery was something we were relieved was a well defined yet serious process that would require a lot of shared responsibilities and little time to waste. One of the surprisingly more challenging tasks was almost overlooked, and maybe combined with the post pandemic supply chain/political/economic - inflation,lack of stability or trust - perceived or reality aside) and what was previously just a pain in the rear outing to a few local stores to locate a suitable fitting, now became a problem. Reading reviews and researching was a somewhat concerning because i had no idea it would be as complicated as it would become. I thought what would be a simple front snap sports bra was as elusive as finding Big Foot.She is common size so that should have been a no brainier but apparently size is a living target with bra manufacturers (like the varying shoe sizes which still puzzles me. It should be a science locked down by now). Front clasping evidently run a size or two small and depending on the material and its stretch potential you could end up ordering two or more sizes up. I made the mistake of ordering the first model in her normal size. It was a very nice bra but would not come close to being able to go on her. This was my second bra of 5 that I ended up ordering in a 3 day span panic and the one we ended up Jonah the most, by the way. It was closest to her normal size although we did order one band size up (38D normally but 40D to be safe).The bra is well made and has sufficient firm stretch where it still keeps its support soft comfortable, sort of , without binding or crushing post op bandages and sore skin, yet still felt like a bra should and looked natural under her gown and regular clothing. This was her favourite one - granted the Playtex 18 ht would have been up there if we went up another size but this won out over the other 4 and will probably be worn even after she recovers fully. She is nit a fan of the front clasps and has had to get use to putting it on. The fit is a kit different than back clasps, not only in its design and placement but also in the fact that you cant adjust them as much as back closing bras. There is no band adjustment so you have to get the size spot in particularly if its a non stretchy or firm stretch material. So the shoulder straps will provide little modifications but not much. And he stretchier the material the less support you get which you may or may not want. The cheaper stretchier material bras provide comfort if you are a smaller cup size or dont need a lot of added support. They fut a wider range of size variations. The firm stretch ones with firmed cups (no wire recommended though per doctor) where what she liked but you have to play with the sizes to get a good fit per each brand. They may be consistent in sizing with each brand or not, so ask.