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My son picked this out as a gift for my 3-year-old daughter (mainly because he wanted it for himself). It's been around our house for months and is in almost constant use. My daughter takes it everywhere she goes, including bed. My son, who is 5, loves it just as much and I wish I would have bought an extra because it's constantly being fought over.Contrary to other posts that I've read, I want to make sure that others considering this purchase are aware that the leash DOES detach. Ours is constantly being taken off and on and has held up well for months.We've managed to keep track of most of the little treats so far, mainly due to constant monitoring and rationing on my part. Like others have mentioned, it would be great if replacements were available for purchase. That being said, my daughter is quite fond of feeding her puppy our cat's food, which is luckily small enough that it goes right through without a hitch. She has occasionally "fed" it a few things like Lego pieces that got stuck, but I have been able to get them out with the help of some tweezers and screw drivers without causing permanent damage. I'm sure that at some point she'll stick something in that I won't be able to remove, but I have to give kudos to the people who designed this simple toy.I didn't really read the instructions well when we received the puppy, and just recently discovered that if batteries are added it makes lovely, realistic sounds. I think it's charming enough without the sound effects, but they have just made the puppy even more thrilling to my children.